A zero-risk lottery scheme with 50% profit guaranteed, and a £50,000 jackpot that’s shared with your cause. Introducing Clubdraw.

Clubdraw is a low-cost, risk-free fundraising lottery scheme designed to help clubs, groups and causes make the most of their dedicated following. There’s no hard work involved and only a small set-up fee to pay. All you have to do is promote your Clubdraw lottery to your supporters.

50% profit guaranteed plus a unique, shared jackpot - £25,000 to the winner, £25,000 to your cause.

Clubdraw has a higher weekly entry fee than most lotteries, because it’s designed for supporters who are willing to give that little bit extra. What’s more, every time one of your supporters hits the jackpot, you do too.

Your supporters sign-up to pay £2 per week for a unique six-digit lottery number. For every £2 we receive from your members, £1 will go straight to your cause. Numbers are entered into a weekly draw, with various prizes including a £50,000 jackpot that’s shared with your cause. That means every time the jackpot is won, £25,000 goes to the winner and Clubdraw donates £25,000 to your cause!

Start fundraising now!

Step one:

Ensure your cause is registered with the Gambling Commission or your local authority - we can help you with this.

Step two:

Sign-up online or complete our Clubdraw application form and pay the one-off set-up fee of £199.

Step three:

Let’s get your lottery up and running! We’ll send you a free personalised starter pack, containing promotional leaflets branded with your name/logo to help you launch your lottery. We’ll also create your own personalised page on the Clubdraw Lottery website, where anyone can sign-up to start playing.

Step four:

Spread the word and raise funds! With your Clubdraw lottery up and running, you’re free to get out there and start recruiting players. Remember, for every player who joins, £1 of every £2 played will go directly to your cause. And every time the jackpot is won, £25,000 goes to the winner and £25,000 goes to your cause!

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