How does it work?

Playing is simple: Players pay just £2 per week for a unique six-digit lottery number. They can buy as many lottery numbers as they like, for a greater chance to win. Numbers are entered into a weekly draw, with various prizes including a £50,000 shared jackpot! We send cheques directly to the winners every week.

6 digits in the correct place wins

£25,000 each for you and your good cause

5 digits in the correct place wins


4 digits in the correct place wins


3 digits in the correct place wins


Paying is simple: To make life easier for your players, we allow them to enter by paying manageable amounts in a way that suits them. We accept payments by direct debit, card or cheque as follows:

Per lottery number
Monthly £8.68
Three-monthly £26.00
Six-monthly £52.00
Annually £104.00

Promotion is simple: With all the hard work taken care of, all you need to do is promote your lottery. We’ll provide you with bespoke promotional leaflets for your launch, and after that our experts will always be on hand to give you professional advice on the most effective ways to promote your lottery.

Profit is simple: Your lottery proceeds are paid into the Clubdraw bank account – a secure and central holding account. For every £2 received from your members, £1 will be paid to your cause as guaranteed profit. The rest covers prizes, our administration and tax costs. It’s a simple and reliable source of income.

Lottery Members Profit per week Profit per year
100 £100 £5,200
200 £200 £10,400
500 £500 £26,000
1000 £1000 £52,000
5000 £5000 £260,000
Pie chart to demonstrate profit distribution

The beauty of Clubdraw is sharing. It’s a fundraising lottery platform for all to share, anyone to play, and for every cause to benefit from. You’ll have your very own lottery to promote, but every last aspect of lottery administration is taken care of by us.

You’ll share in the seamless and costefficient processes we’ve developed through 30 years of lottery fundraising; with these essential costs kept to a minimum we guarantee that:

  • 50% of your lottery’s proceeds will always remain as profit for your chosen cause, even after administrative costs and prizes have been paid.
  • Your players will be in for a chance to win substantial prizes of up to £25,000!
  • All you’ll pay is a one-off set-up fee of £199, plus anything you choose to spend on your own lottery promotion.

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